Zara Office City Bag


Zara £49.99

Zara £49.99

Behold the beauty of the office city bag – from none other than the fashion genie that is, Zara. Wonderful don’t you think? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. Since I am a frequent Virgin trains customer (Richard Branson, look out), hopping from the North to the South and back again can really take its toll, especially when I’m carrying what seems like my entire life around with me. I decided that it was time to ditch the multiple bags/suitcases and search for something that could be deemed more travel worthy. It didn’t take me long to spot and fall in love with the city bag – it fit the description perfectly. The sleek design and the maroon interior really caught my attention, but it was the padded laptop compartment in the centre that really won me over. This bag has it all – five spacious compartments, card and phone holder, room for a laptop and a large inside zip pocket. It also comes complete with an attachable over-arm strap in case you don’t fancy holding it in the crook of your arm. The exterior is waterproof too, so I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined by the rain. Not only that, but it looks super chic as well! With a £50 price tag, this bag really is worth every penny.
So now I have the bag, I just need to land myself a job in the big city. With graduation just round the corner, it won’t be too long until I do – fingers (and toes) crossed!
What do you think of the office city bag?

Post to you soon xoxo


4 thoughts on “Zara Office City Bag

  1. I saw Zoella talking about this the other day. It looks like a very nice bag, especially if you are carrying a lot of technology around with you. I would say that it looks like it’s worth the price tag considering it’s a carrying case and bag combined.

  2. After seeing your other post about it I told my boyfriend about it and the $90 (in the U.S.) price tag. I don’t think he was buying it since it looks so similar to my current bag haha. I might just show him your post to convince him :).

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