What’s in my handbag – magazine internship edition

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Luzia restaurant, Barcelona


I’ve never really expressed it on my blog before, but I’m a huge foodie and one of my favourite things to do is to dine out with my family and friends. I love being adventurous and trying new restaurants, rather than playing it safe by only sticking to the same places. Don’t get me wrong, some of the big chain restaurants are in my top twenty, but there’s only so many times you can go to Nando’s or Wagamamas before you start to feel bored of the menu.

When I went to Barcelona this week, I couldn’t wait to try out the smaller, independent eateries and my friend recommended an Italian restaurant called Luzia. When it comes to dining out, I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a food snob and would much rather go to somewhere fancy and chic than an overly casual restaurant. Let’s say I’m more a fine dining sorta’ girl (although I am partial to the occasional pub lunch). Luzia restaurant is located in the hub of Barcelona, along a side street off the renowned La Ramblas. The décor was spot on, in that it was modern, airy and chic, but with a wall of vintage photographs that added a nice homely touch and instantly removed it from the uppity category.

The staff were super friendly and accommodating and most importantly, the food was of a high standard. The open kitchen meant that I could see that my food was being freshly prepared in a clean environment, which I think is a huge factor especially when dining somewhere for the first time. After spending most of my days in Barcelona stuffing my face with ice-cream and waffles, I opted for a light, healthy lunch with Foccacia bread, Olive oil and Rosemary for starters (was too greedy and forgot to take a photo, oops) and for my main course: Wild Salmon from the grill, Tartare sauce and salad drizzled in balsamic vinegar. I had the choice of how I’d like my salmon cooked and settled for well done seeing as I’m not the biggest fan of raw fish. The salmon was grilled and seasoned to perfection, flaking off as I cut into it with a soft texture that was full of flavour. The meal wasn’t too stodgy or heavy on the stomach meaning I had room for a cheeky dessert: warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel syrup – truly delicious.

In terms of cost, I’d say Luzia is excellent value for money. I had a three course meal and a glass of traditional Spanish sangria, and my bill came to just over 22 euros, which equates to about 19 GBP.

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, I definitely recommend visiting Luzia.

Post to you soon! xoxo

Amsterdam OOTD 3


Sweater - Republic Top - Republic Skirt - H&M Socks - Topshop Shoes - Vans

Sweater – Republic
Top – Republic
Skirt – H&M
Socks – Topshop
Shoes – Vans

Yep, it’s another Amsterdam outfit post. I’m not quite sure why I chose to wear a sweater on one of the hottest days of the holiday, but I think I was desperate to give it a first outing. As you can see in the second image, the sun got the better of me and I ended up stuffing my sweater into my bag, oops. Both top and sweater are from Republic, which I thought had gone into administration, but to my delight is still up and running in my local shopping centre. I like the cropped style and the American sports design, despite secretly seeing myself as a volleyball on the beach kinda’ girl, but ssh.

I’ve featured this skirt a couple of times before on my blog, which just shows how much I love it because I tend to get bored of my clothes really easily. But dipped hem, lightweight, casual AND dressy, what’s not to love?! My vans were my go-to choice of footwear; they’re such a good summer trainer and the red matches my sweater wonderfully.
Hope you like!

Post to you soon xoxo

Amsterdam OOTD 2


Dress - Primark Necklace - Primark Shirt - Soviet* Socks - Topshop Shoes - Vans*

Dress – Primark
Necklace – Primark
Shirt – Soviet*
Socks – Topshop
Shoes – Vans

If you follow my blog, you’ll have read in my previous post that I recently embarked upon a little trip to Amsterdam. This is what I wore on day two; my outfit looks kinda’ grungy so the graffiti backdrop is pretty apt, right?!

My black skater dress is relatively simple, so I decided to liven it up with my red vans and checkered shirt. It has an oversized fit on me that I quite like because I can wear it unbuttoned over a top or dress. I love the frilly socks and vans combo too, they just make the outfit that bit cuter, don’t ya’ think?

This day involved a visit to Anne Frank’s house and a boat trip along the harbour and canal. Perfect and very touristy!

Post to you soon xoxo

Amsterdam OOTD 1


Top - Primark Skirt - Primark Belt - Primark Sandals - Asos Sunglasses - TK Maxx Bag - Zara Watch - Marc Jacobs*

Top – Primark
Skirt – Primark
Belt – Primark
Sandals – Asos
Sunglasses – TK Maxx
Bag – Zara
Watch – Marc Jacobs*

This week, I’ve been in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, so over the next few days my blog posts will primarily be roundups of my outfits and little snippets of the pretty sights (stay tuned!). When anyone says Amsterdam, it’s common to automatically think of the red light district, the publicised sex industry and the legitimacy of class A drugs, but there’s really so much more to this city that in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit. In fact, this ‘dark’ side of Amsterdam is really only a minute proportion of the capital as a whole, and one that’s become generalised by the huge tourist community. Aside from this, the streets are filled with breathtaking, archaic buildings and monuments that each share a historic revelation; the canals are lined with quaint house-boats, bicycles appear to be the preferred form of transport, and the picturesque parks are the city’s beauty spots.

But enough of me reminiscing, this is what I wore on day one. I only realised after uploading the photos that my outfit is very Primark-heavy! I picked up this skirt on a last minute shopping trip and it had been marked down to about £5, including the belt. I’m not overly into floral print clothes, but I liked the monochrome colour scheme and the cute nipped-in waist style. I paired it with my black, chain strap cami and Asos sandals, which proved to be a wise choice seeing as a lot of walking and exploring was done that day! Luckily the weather stayed lovely, so I didn’t need a cardigan until the evening.

Hope you like this outfit!

Post to you soon xoxo

Zara Office City Bag


Zara £49.99

Zara £49.99

Behold the beauty of the office city bag – from none other than the fashion genie that is, Zara. Wonderful don’t you think? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. Since I am a frequent Virgin trains customer (Richard Branson, look out), hopping from the North to the South and back again can really take its toll, especially when I’m carrying what seems like my entire life around with me. I decided that it was time to ditch the multiple bags/suitcases and search for something that could be deemed more travel worthy. It didn’t take me long to spot and fall in love with the city bag – it fit the description perfectly. The sleek design and the maroon interior really caught my attention, but it was the padded laptop compartment in the centre that really won me over. This bag has it all – five spacious compartments, card and phone holder, room for a laptop and a large inside zip pocket. It also comes complete with an attachable over-arm strap in case you don’t fancy holding it in the crook of your arm. The exterior is waterproof too, so I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined by the rain. Not only that, but it looks super chic as well! With a £50 price tag, this bag really is worth every penny.
So now I have the bag, I just need to land myself a job in the big city. With graduation just round the corner, it won’t be too long until I do – fingers (and toes) crossed!
What do you think of the office city bag?

Post to you soon xoxo


French breakfast

French breakfast

View from the Arc De Triumph

View from the Arc De Triumph

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

At Disneyland

At Disneyland

Snail tasting

Snail tasting

The Louvre

The Louvre

To celebrate our two year anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Paris for a long weekend. I’d never been to France before and it was the first time I was going abroad with my bf so naturally I was so so excited. Flying from London Heathrow only took 45 minutes, which is less than it takes for me to get from Leeds to Manchester by train! We stayed in a cute little hotel in a central location which was really convenient for eating out and getting around. Wanting to make the most of each day, we woke up early like keen tourists to go sightseeing. Paris is such a beautiful city, with the perfect mix of archaic and contemporary architecture. I got very snap happy but sadly I dropped my camera on the second day and the flash stopped working (heartbreaking, I know). But luckily I managed to still take a decent amount of pictures. Thanks to modern day technology (my boyfriend’s iphone app), finding our routes on the metro proved to be a simple task. We visited historic monuments such as The Notre Dame, Arc de Triumph and The Eiffel Tower. We walked the stairs up to the top of the Arc de Triumph. After much complaining on my part due to what seemed like a never-ending staircase, it was all worth it in the end as the view of Paris at night was amazing. We also went to the top of The Eiffel Tower, of course we got the lift since my legs had had enough exercise for one day. Unfortunately it started raining and the wind levels at the top were extremely high but it’s definitely something you have to experience when in Paris!
The next day we went to Disneyland, which I have to say was probably the most fun/exciting day of my life. Yes, I am 20 years old but who cares? Disney brings out the child in everyone haha. We went to both parks and on most of the rides. My favourites were The Hollywood Tower of Terror and Rock n Rollercoaster designed by Aerosmith. If you haven’t been then you’re seriously missing out!
On our last day we visited The Louvre museum which is home to the great Mona Lisa. I was genuinely in awe of the museum. I never usually say this about anything but I have actually never been inside a building so breathtaking. Actually seeing the Mona Lisa in person was a proud moment and one to tick off the list of things to see! Afterwards, we went for lunch and tried snails for the first time. I didn’t think I’d have the guts to do it but they were surprisingly okay. They tasted quite like mushrooms, just the fact that I knew it was a snail was the only thing that put me off! Then we sat outside a lovely restaurant and ate crepes whilst listening to the street orchestra that was playing opposite.
Coming back home was so depressing. We both had such an incredible time and would definitely go back in the future!

Au Revoir! Post to you soon! xoxo