Beauty product & jewellery storage

Since moving back home from uni I’ve had a huge bedroom clearout, resulting in a copious number of bags and boxes labelled either charity, ebay, or bin. Being a bit of a neat freak, I love how much more relaxed I feel once I tidy my room (pretty sad, I know). So with my wardrobe organised, I was still faced with the dilemma of where to store my bits and bobs. It wasn’t long before I had a light-bulb moment and remembered my 21st birthday cupcake stand, which as you can guess, hasn’t been used since my 21st birthday (8 months ago!). It seemed such a shame to only use it for special occasions seeing as it’s just so pretty, so I decided to ditch its box and use it as a feature in my bedroom to store some of my jewellery and beauty products.

I hope you like this idea, especially if you’re thinking of new ways to store your bits and bobs. I think it will look cute as a stand for nail polishes too!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and any more creative storage ideas.

Post to you soon xoxo

DIY Bunting

On Sunday I moved into my new house in Leeds – yep, summer is coming to an end and the uni term commences yet again. I am trying to be very wise with my money (for a change) and attempting to save what I have for London Fashion Week so I haven’t been able to purchase any new decor for my room. Last night, I decided to get creative and make my own bunting by using a gift bag I received on my birthday. It was just too pretty to throw away! Firstly, I untied the handles of the bag and then unfolded the bag at the seams, removing the card base. Then I drew 4 triangles (all the same size) and cut them out. Next, I hole-punched the top corners of each triangle and weaved the lace (handles) through. I tied the lace in the middle and then pinned my bunting to the wall above my desk. It took me about 15 minutes altogether and is a cute new addition to my room. Try it for yourself ! You can also use patterned material and ribbon which you can pick up for a reasonably cheap price from a haberdashery store. Hope you like it!

Post to you soon xoxo