What’s in my handbag – LFW essentials edition


Fashion week month is upon us and as New York Fashion Week draws to an end, it’s time to see what London has in store for autumn/winter.

Yep, I’m preparing for my sixth season at LFW, which means I’m currently feeling a mixture of excitement and panic (primarily the latter if my current ‘floordrobe’ is anything to go by).

So in the midst of frantically planning what outfits I’m going to wear, I’ve decided to give you a rundown of my top five non-beauty LFW handbag essentials.

1. Oyster card – While it might seem obvious, it’s really easy (trust me) to forget your Oyster card, especially if you like to use different handbags over the course of the week. Luckily, most shows and events are within walking distance from the LFW hub of Somerset House, but others can be a short tube ride away. If all else fails, however, you can always rely on a trusty Uber.

2. Business cards – Fashion week is a great time to network and if you start chatting to somebody about your blog or company, it’s likely they’ll ask for a card. I carry mine in this nifty little holder to prevent them from getting scratched or creased in my bag.

3. Camera – As much as I rely on my iPhone camera, I couldn’t go to LFW without my digital camera. While the quality isn’t quite on par with that of a DSLR, I love it for street style snapping on the go and taking close-ups of the clothes and accessories in the exhibition showrooms.

4. Notebook and pen – Even though I have my phone, I still prefer to write my show schedule by hand. It just seems more organised and neater than having to sift through tabs. I sometimes draft show reviews by hand while I’m sat in the press lounge too. It’s also quite refreshing to take a break from technology, considering the majority of my time at LFW is spent taking photos and Instagramming everything from my phone.

5. Portable phone charger – This is a new addition to my life and without a doubt the best technological device I’ve ever encountered. That’s right, my portable phone charger is a life saver, especially since my iPhone likes to turn itself off before the battery has even reached the red zone. What’s more, plug sockets at LFW are like gold dust, so I foresee my iPhone battery and I are going to get along just fine.

What would you put in your top five non-beauty fashion week essentials?

Post to you soon! Xoxo

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