Spring make-up look

With spring approaching, I decided to create a spring-ready make-up look in eight simple steps…
Step 1: I used a natural brown shade from the Sleek eyeshadow palette (in Storm 578 – £7.99) to lightly fill in the eyebrows.
Steps 2-5: Next I took the eye quartet palette (£31*) from Clarins’ spring Opalescence collection and added the light pink shade to the inner corner of the eyelid (step 2) and the darker grey shade to the outer corner (step 3), blending them together. I then used the purple eyeshadow along the water line (step 4) and added the silver, glittery shadow to the tear ducts (step 5).
Step 6: I then took the Clarins cream blusher in Peach (£18*) and applied it across the cheekbones for a fresh flush of colour.
Step 7: For the lips, I used the Mary Kay True Dimensions lipstick in Wild About Pink (£14*).
Step 8: I completed the look with the Dolce & Gabbana Passioneyes mascara in Terra (£26*) – a deep brown shade.
What do you think of this look? I think it’s perfect for spring!

Post to you soon xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Spring make-up look

  1. Makeup is so much like painting and I don’t think I have the delicacy for it. The last time I was painting, I had to clean smudges out of my carpet for weeks — I can only imagine the tragedy that would occur if I attempted to do someones makeup.

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