Olfactive Studio Fragrance Discovery Kit


Olfactive Studio Discovery Kit - $55* (around £35)

Olfactive Studio Discovery Kit – $55* (around £35)

*Gifted PR sample

With so many commercialised fragrances, it’s not easy to find an individual scent that only you and a few others will share, so when I was introduced to Olfactive Studio, I was intrigued to discover more. Olfactive Studio is a unique brand of fragrances that combines the art of photography with the art of perfumery. Founded by Celine Verleure (creator of Kenzo Jungle), this innovative concept derives from the notion of fragrances that capture a moment in time and allow us to relive past experiences, emotions and memories.

Together, talented photographers and perfumers have created five unisex fragrances: Flashback, Still Life, Lumiere Blanche, Autoportrait and Chambre Noire. The Olfactive Studio Discovery Kit comprises five miniature bottles of each scent, which are the perfect size for spritzing and freshening up on-the-go.

Flashback: ‘Capturing that moment when the past makes a sudden appearance in the present.’ This fragrance has a tangy yet sweet, fruity scent that incorporates rhubarb, grapefruit, Granny Smith apples and musk – almost good enough to eat.

Still Life: ‘Capturing a moment of festivity and fun.’ This fragrance combines pepper, dark rum and cedarwood. The scent reminds me of an exotic cocktail that is rich in flavour.

Lumiere Blanche
: ‘Capturing the almost blinding effect of the blazing sun as it bleaches the colour of a stretch of Italian coastline until it almost resembles an iceberg.’ This fragrance has a sweet yet spicy scent, incorporating cinnamon, almond milk and cedarwood.

Autoportrait: ‘Capturing the idea that seeing ones reflection is the answer to inner harmony.’ Not for the faint-hearted, this fragrance has an extremely rich and intense scent that combines incense, musk and cedarwood.

Chambre Noire
: ‘Capturing the essence of romance and intimacy.’ This fragrance incorporates the wonderful scents of jasmine, prune, sandalwood, vanilla and leather. Chambre Noire is a really deep, rich scent that I’d recommend for evening or special occasion wear.

If you’re looking for a truly unique scent, then I recommend the Olfactive Studio collection. Retailing on the high-end scale at £75 for 50ml and £110 for 100ml from olfactivestudio.com, these fragrances may burn a hole in your wallet, but they’re the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and their rich scent lasts for hours so you’ll end up using less than an ordinary, high-street perfume.

Post to you soon! xoxo

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