John Frieda Full Repair Touch Up Flyaway Tamer

Gifted PR sample*

My hair is forever in need of the perfect product to give it some TLC, so when a selection of John Frieda hair goodies popped into my PO box, I couldn’t wait to give them a whirl. First up is the Touch Up Flyaway Tamer from John Frieda’s Full Repair range. I was immediately drawn to the nifty little contraption – designed like a mascara wand – but with a smoothing serum formula to tame those pesky, flyaway locks. Handbag-sized, a scent that smells good enough to eat and an on-the-go solution to the [never quite Tyra Banks] ‘windswept look’ – it’s a winning concept.

However, having extremely curly, voluminous hair that’s almost verging on uncontrollable, this product perhaps isn’t designed to manage my hair type. Having said that, the taming wand did help to smooth back the baby hair around my temples and involved a fuss-free approach to application. Although I probably wouldn’t repurchase this product, I’d recommend it to those who need to give their hair a quick tidy up, but don’t want to invest time in using lots of different products.

Have you tried this product before?

Post to you soon! xoxo


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