Kiko Eye Contour Serum: Skin Trainer Eyes


Now Christmas and New Year have passed by, the long nights of parties and celebrations have taken their toll on my under-eye circles, making them appear darker and puffier. So what better time than the present to receive Kiko’s Skin Trainer eye serum?! Designed to keep dark circles and puffy eyes at bay, the serum is said to be most effective when applied to the eyes both morning and evening.

After I have cleansed and washed my face, I dab the applicator along my eye contour, lightly squeezing the tube to produce the serum. I expected the serum to be transparent in colour, so was surprised to see the foundation-like shade. However, when massaged into the skin, the serum doesn’t add any additional pigmentation. The metal applicator feels cool on the skin, and this icy effect is said to aid the de-puffing process. In more scientific terms, the serum works by ‘stimulating the skin through microcirculation, encouraging the draining of excess fluids’. Pretty clever, right?

Although I haven’t been using this product for very long, it does make my eyes feel brighter and fresher, especially in the mornings. I follow application with my normal makeup routine.

Priced at £18.90, I would say it lies on the more expensive side of skincare and so far I haven’t seen great enough results to mirror this, but with continued use I may change my mind!

Have you tried this product or anything similar?

Post to you soon xoxo


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