Q: The everyday fine fragrance body spray

Q: The Fine Fragrance Body Spray - £2.99 each*

Q: The Fine Fragrance Body Spray – £2.99 each*

First of all, a very happy new year to you all! Hope you welcomed 2014 in style! I’ve had a very busy week including celebrating my 22nd birthday, so apologies for not blogging for a few days.

I was recently sent this new range of products to review. Q: brings its collection of Fine Fragrance Body Sprays for women, to the high-street. Think the more sophisticated and high-end rendition of our favourite, childhood Impulse body sprays. Q: body sprays are designed to be incorporated into your everyday dressing routine, either as a deodorant or as a light, all-over fragrance. I’ve been popping these compact, travel friendly sprays into my handbag for an instant, on-the-go freshen up.

Q: Radiance –
This body spray is my favourite of the bunch, combining a floral blend of champaka flower, mandarin and ivy top notes, rose, violet and exotic orchid heart notes and a base of wild plum and blackberry musk. The fragrance is deep enough to linger on the clothes without being too overpowering.

Q: Awe – Next up is Awe, slightly stronger and more citrus-based than Radiance, but just as pleasant and freshening. The top note of Sicilian lemon contributes to the citrus aroma, and is softened by the beautiful scents of cedar wood, amber and musk.

Q: Balance – If you prefer more fruity, floral fragrances, Q:’s balance is the one for you, with the rich, pear blossom scent most dominant.

These fine fragrance body sprays can be used in addition to your perfume, or as a simple alternative. I recommend buying all three and keeping one in each of your handbags. Retailing at up to £2.99 each, it’s hard to say no!

Q: Fine Fragrance Body Sprays are available at Sainsbury’s and Boots nationwide.

Post to you soon! xoxo

*Gifted PR samples


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