High-street pick of the day: The budget handbag


Black contrast handbag - Matalan £15

Black contrast handbag – Matalan £15

I was silly (or wise?) enough to brave the post Christmas sales this week and although I didn’t pick up as much as the average keen shopper, I did leave with this lovely new handbag. I’ve been on the lookout for a smart, everyday bag that’s big enough to fit all my essentials, but not quite as hefty as my favourite Zara City bag. I decided to pay a visit to Matalan which, admittedly, is a store I never shop in, but have recently heard a lot of rave reviews about on the blogosphere. I spotted this handbag for a steal at £15 full price. It reminded me of one I’d seen in Zara, but of course at less than half the price and okay, perhaps not quite as good quality, but still it fit the criteria. It features a spacious compartment with a mobile phone holder and inside zip pocket. The contrasting leather and suede effect panels with the gold buckle won me over; it looks a lot more than the £15 price tag, don’t you agree?

Post to you soon! xoxo


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