The Balm – Stainiac Review


The Balm Stainiac in 'Beauty Queen' - £10.50*

The Balm Stainiac in ‘Beauty Queen’ – £10.50*

I’ve never really liked the idea of a liquid blusher, so when I received The Balm’s Stainiac cheek and lip tint I was excited to give it a go. Aside from the rather daunting and garish colour, the packaging is cute and simple. The dough-foot applicator resembles that of an ordinary lipgloss or concealer, yet the formula is more gel-like. Although it can be used to give the lips a reddish tint, I chose to test it as an alternative to my powder blusher. I applied my base as normal, added bronzer and then dabbed the liquid sparsely on the apples of my cheeks. Taking a brush, I blended the product in a circular motion until there were no harsh lines.

I didn’t expect great results, but I was pleasantly surprised at the natural-looking flush of colour it created. I’ve had quite a few breakouts on my cheeks recently, which I thought would appear more accentuated upon application, but instead I felt that my skin looked a lot fresher. I think because it’s not a powder formula, you don’t get that ‘cakey’ sort of finish.

I’ll certainly be reaching for this little gem every now and again. You can purchase it here.

Have you ever tried a cheek and lip tint?

Post to you soon! xoxo


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