My visit to Barcelona


Whatever the weather, a European city break is the perfect way to wind down. After completing a three month internship in Manchester, I felt as though I needed to relax for a few days, so I packed my bags and headed to Barcelona to visit one of my best friends who has moved there recently. It was my first time visiting the city, but I’d heard many great things and couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to my expectations. I stayed in a central location, in the heart of Plaza de Catalunya, where there’s no such thing as a dull moment. With homely, Spanish cafes lining each corner, to grand shopping plazas and markets providing both a taste of traditional and modern culture, in no time at all my expectations exceeded. November was the perfect month to visit; beautiful Christmas lights adorned every building and tree, and a giant ice rink had been constructed for the season. It normally takes me a while to get into the Christmas spirit, but I couldn’t help but feel all festive and happy.

I spent my visit being a classic tourist: lots of sightseeing, picture taking and of course, tapas eating and sangria drinking. The food was absolutely delicious; I’m pretty sure I ate the equivalent of my body weight (N.B the waffles and ice-cream tasted even better than they looked). And if you didn’t know, the city pays homage to the super talented designer, Gaudi. His home, work and inspirations are a huge part of Barcelona and a main contributor to the city’s breathtakingly stunning architecture. The world renowned, Park Guell is a popular beauty spot where you can pay a visit to Gaudi’s house or climb to the highest point and view the whole of Barcelona in all its glory.

I thought I’d share a few snippets of the photos I took. These are only a small fraction, but I hope you can gather how pretty everything is. Oh, and the last one is purely for your entertainment. Why do I have to go and ruin a perfectly good picture of the Arc de Triomf?! Typical..


Post to you soon xoxo


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