Batiste Dry Conditioner

Batiste Dry Conditioner £3.99

Batiste Dry Conditioner £3.99

I’m sure most of you familiar with Batiste will know it primarily for their range of dry shampoo sprays, aimed to tackle greasy, ‘I don’t want to be washed’ hair. As someone who has never had greasy hair in their life (I wish I did. Yes, really) and with hair that could not be more dry if it tried, I always felt somewhat out of the dry shampoo loop. I commended the concept, yet the product simply wasn’t designed for my hair type. It wasn’t long ago that I laid eyes on Batiste’s new invention – dry conditioner – the sister of dry shampoo and the solution to my dry, unwashed hair, all rolled into one glorious container.

This product is the perfect pick-me-up for my hair. I spray it onto my roots and ends, smooth it out and my hair instantly feels softer and fresher. The conditioning mist is infused with Argan oil to add a healthy shine to the hair and tames fly-aways by smoothing them down. The conditioner sprays out like a normal hairspray rather than a white/grey mist, which is what I have observed from the dry shampoo. It’s lightweight enough to be used daily, but I tend to use it every 2-3 days or whenever I feel my hair needs a fresh boost.

As far as I am aware, this is the only dry conditioner in the Batiste range and has a lovely strawberry scent. I’m so happy Batiste created a quick fix product for those who suffer from dry, not just greasy, hair!

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