Mini Beauty Travel Essentials


Sassoon Illuminating Clean Shampoo* Morrocan Oil Treatment* Molton Brown Body Lotion* Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator Bioderma Micellar Solution*

Sassoon Illuminating Clean Shampoo*
Morrocan Oil Treatment*
Molton Brown Body Lotion*
Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator
Bioderma Micellar Solution*

It’s approximately one week before I jet off on a city break to Barcelona, and after interning for 3 months and preparing to start my next internship in December, I say it’s a well deserved and needed little holiday. I’m super excited to be staying with one of my best friends and also slightly nervous too because it will be the first time I’m flying solo. Eek! Seeing as I can only take one mini suitcase as hand luggage, I’ve had to limit the amount of clothes and shoes I can take, which also means I’ve had to cut down on my beauty product allowance. I’ve collected a small selection of mini travel products that I have deemed essential for a city break, so all you jetsetters looking to downsize your beauty stash, take note…

Sassoon Illuminating Clean Shampoo – This shampoo has been specially formulated for coloured hair and is a must-have product for a hair-dye fiend like myself. Sudden changes in weather seem to really have an effect on the condition of my hair and also on the pigmentation of the hair dye I have used. The shampoo works to lock in and protect the hair colour, preventing it from fading or drying out. My hair feels so much softer afterwards; I hope it has the same effect when I go to Spain!

Morrocan Oil Treatment – Morrocan Oil is the Holy Grail in the world of hair products, so I was delighted to finally lay my hands on a miniature bottle of the stuff. I treat this product like gold dust, applying just a teeny amount to the ends of my hair to stop it from looking so dry and unhealthy. It really does work wonders!

Molton Brown Body Lotion
– Come rain or shine, moisturising is an essential part of my beauty regime. I apply this lotion sparingly, particularly focusing on the driest areas. It’s lightweight, highly nourishing and smells absolutely delicious.

Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator – Every couple of days I use a gentle facial exfoliator to revive my skin and leave it feeling fresh. Sanctuary’s radiance exfoliator provides a deep exfoliation, comprising beads of various sizes which really work well across the skin’s surface. The only complaint I have with this is that it doesn’t produce any lather – which I would prefer – but it really does the job in removing dead skin cells and leaving a healthy glow to the skin. The lime fragrance is really refreshing too!

Bioderma Micellar Solution
– Removing makeup can be a rather arduous task, but the Bioderma Micellar solution makes it a quick and easy process. Simply place a small amount of the solution onto a cotton pad and gently wipe the makeup away, holding down on your eyelids for slightly longer. The consistency is like water and seems to almost dissolve all traces of makeup. Being fragrance free, it’s ultra mild to the skin, leaving it feeling soft, cleansed and sticky-free.

What are your mini travel essentials? Do you have any recommendations of things to do in Barcelona?

Post to you soon! xoxo


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