Beauty review: MAC Diva Lipstick

MAC 'Diva' - £15*

MAC ‘Diva’ – £15*

A new season calls for a new lipstick and this time it was MAC’s Diva that tickled my fancy. Boasting a matte formula, Diva is a luxurious, deep shade of red with a brown undertone. In my opinion, deeper tones are more fitting for autumn/winter, and brighter shades are more apt during the summer months. Diva is the perfect autumn lippy; it feels creamy when applied, is highly pigmented and lasts around 8 hours before I need to reapply. I’ll definitely be reaching for this in my makeup bag throughout Christmas.

Hope you all have a lovely evening! I’m spending tonight with a mug of Jasmine tea, having a read of my favourite blogs. Post links to yours below and I’ll read those too 

Post to you soon xoxo


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