Beauty review: Barry M Brow Pen


Barry M Brow Pen - £4.99*

Barry M Brow Pen – £4.99*

When it comes to my eyebrows, I ‘d say we have a love hate relationship. Making the fatal mistake of over-plucking when I first laid hands on a set of tweezers all those years ago meant that my brows have never fully grown back, resulting in them looking rather ‘frayed’ at the edges. It’s a shame Cara Delevigne brows weren’t deemed cool when I was 11…

In January, I decided to ditch the tweezers for good and leave my brows untouched for a few months to give them chance to grow. When they finally reached a reasonably good state, I began to make trips to the salon every few weeks from then on to get them threaded. Prior to this, I would fill (or rather, draw) my brows using a brown eye pencil, but found this too heavy once they began to grow more. For the past 6 months I have been using the Kiko eyebrow kit which contains a wax and eyeshadow, and leaves a more natural looking finish.

I received this Barry M brow pen a while ago, but felt too nervous to try it out as on first impressions the whole concept appeared quite daunting. The marker pen design had me envisioning the ‘scouse’, as opposed to ‘natural’, looking brows. However, today I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. I started by smoothing my brows using a small brow comb, and then began to apply the pen using gentle strokes. Surprisingly, I noticed that the pen provides a buildable coverage, allowing you to gauge how soft or harsh you want the brow to look depending on how much pressure you apply. I tried not to apply too much and was satisfied with the result. The brow pen only comes in one shade – dark brown – and admittedly, is darker than the shade I would prefer to use. I think I only just manage to get away with it because I have dark hair, but if you have light hair/eyebrows then I personally wouldn’t recommend this product. In terms of value for money and ease of application, I really can’t fault it, although I don’t think I’ll be converting from my brow kit just yet.

Have you tried a brow pen before?

Post to you soon! xoxo

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One thought on “Beauty review: Barry M Brow Pen

  1. I’ve got auburn hair and always found it hard to find an eyebrow pencil to match my colour, I asked my mum to go out and buy me Barry M’s liquid eyeliner (it’s heaven) but she accidentally got me this pen (??). Anyway, I tried it and despite my hair colour, personally I feel it looks really nice. It’s easy to use too and I’ve had it since Christmas and it hasn’t run out.

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