Barry M Nail Paint – Neon Yellow


Barry M Nail Paint - Neon Yellow 215 £2.99*

Barry M Nail Paint – Neon Yellow 215 £2.99*

My penchant for all things neon reached a new high when I received Barry M’s little pot of fluorescent goodness. For me, Barry M nail paints have always been a huge winner, and it’s safe to say that I hold my plentiful collection in high regard. I’ve had some colours for years now and they have remained gloop-free and still apply just as wonderfully as they did when they were new. Some of my higher end nail products haven’t lasted me half as long yet cost almost 3 times the price. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Barry M nail paints, but if you are not then I wholeheartedly recommend you try them!

Despite the somewhat lacklustre weather, I think that this neon yellow colour epitomises summer and will really enhance a simple outfit. Just to reiterate, this polish applies smoothly and wonderfully; I love how it has a subtle, shimmer finish too. If I haven’t already sold it to you, then I’m sure the price will – costing just £2.99, there’s every reason why this should be your summer staple.

If you follow me on Instagram (sheevamarie1), you’ll have seen my recent Zara purchase of a monochrome printed shirt which I can’t wait to sport with these nails. There’s no doubt I’ll be frequently reaching for this over the summer!

What do you think of Barry M nail paints? Are you a neon lover too?

Post to you soon xoxo


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