High-street Pick of the Day: Topshop Cheek Duo


Topshop cheek duo

Topshop cheek duo in 'Desert Sun' £12.50 Topshop cheek duo in ‘Desert Sun’ £12.50

Before I begin, do you like my new backdrop? I have decided to escape from the confines of my little university house and spend some time at home for a few days. As much as I love university life (not so much the extensive final year workload), it’s always a treat to come back to my home comforts – as the saying goes, there really is no place like home. Unfortunately there’s more work to do than play, so the only thing that’s really accompanying me is my revision. However, I’ve been spending short breaks in my garden, where it’s been nice to sit in the crisp air and clear my mind from the stresses that work brings. I thought that it would make for a lovely setting to take some pictures for my blog, so I snapped away and am actually really impressed with how they’ve turned out!

I’ve had my eye on the Topshop cheek duo for a fair while now, after first spotting it in the Oxford Street store. Of course, I just had to make it mine and three days ago we were united. The concept of the cheek duo is really quite explicit – essentially, a two-in-one blusher and bronzer. The combination I picked up is named ‘Desert Sun’; on first impressions the design of the packaging is cute and simple, with the product itself showcasing a marbled effect which I think is much prettier than an equal distribution of the two shades. However, I was a little disappointed to discover the absence of a compact mirror, seeing as there’s a large empty space where one would fit perfectly. It’s always nice to have a fitted mirror, since it makes topping up on the go a lot easier!

The bronzing section is comprised of subtle, gold hues, making it more delicate in comparison to a deeper tan shade. The blusher counterpart complements the bronzer considerably by adding a radiant, soft, pink glow. Each side can be used in turn or can be blended together to produce a golden, coral shade. I must note that the colours aren’t very pigmented, which surprisingly, I have to say doesn’t actually bother me a great deal. Seeing as summer is fast approaching, I’m beginning to turn to lighter products for my skin which give a more ‘airy’ feel. I hate wearing thick makeup when the weather’s warmer because it makes my skin feel more congested. I think that the ‘lightness’ of this product will be rather fitting for a summer daytime look.

So for my first Topshop makeup product, the results have been pleasing. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best bronzer or blusher I have tried, but I would most certainly recommend it if you’re on the hunt for that summer-feel product. The duo combo is also highly efficient since it saves spending on two separate products, meaning you can justify buying something else too – or is that just me trying to reassure myself? Either way, it’s well worth the £12.50 price tag.

What are your thoughts on Topshop makeup? Have you tried the cheek duo?

Post to you soon! xoxo


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