Models Own & Golden Rose


L-R: Sally Hansen 'Hard as nails' £4.75, Models Own 'Disco Inferno' £5, Golden Rose

L-R: Sally Hansen ‘Hard as nails’ £4.75, Models Own ‘Disco Inferno’ £5, Golden Rose

You guessed it, I’ve painted my nails again. I’ve grown so accustomed to wearing polish that my nails just feel so strange without any on. I decided to delve in to the bottom of my plentiful supply and dig out two of my ‘older’ polishes. I know that I said in my last nail post that I’d overdone the whole glitter trend, but when it comes to anything that sparkles, I’m like a magpie in a Swarovski store. So of course, I couldn’t resist temptation and found no better option than to return to the Models Own ‘mirrorball’ polish in Disco Inferno. I absolutely love this polish, which combines glitter pieces of different shapes and sizes to create a disco or mirrorball effect. I decided to paint it over the Golden Rose polish which, unfortunately is only available overseas – I got mine when I was in Turkey last Summer! Also, I couldn’t find the name of it anywhere so I’m guessing it must have rubbed off the bottle (not surprising seeing as it’s been hiding beneath all my other polishes!), so I apologise if you’re curious to find out what it’s called *sobs*. However, I think the combination of the two looks pretty!

Whenever I paint my nails, the Sally Hansen ‘Hard as nails’ strengthening polish is an essential. I use it first as a base coat and then as a top coat after my colour polish has dried. Although my nails are still under repair due to them being ruined by acrylics, the Sally Hansen has really helped to restore the top layer. It’s also made them a lot stronger than they were and they don’t ‘bend’ from being so weak. It’s taken almost a month to get to where they are, but my nails feel and look a lot healthier now – I don’t think I’ll be heading down the acrylics road any time soon! Hope you like them and sorry again for not having more info about the GR polish.

Post to you soon! xoxo


4 thoughts on “Models Own & Golden Rose

  1. Looks soooo cool! But I am so tired of removing the glitter… it is so hard to remove :(, but with a basecoat it is ways better 🙂 I had the same problem with my nails after acrylics…. I used this Fingr’s elastic Gel… because I still wanted to have them long…. but not brocken under:) when I remove them (mostly in stress time), they look normal under:) here the link :

    Hope it helps you a bite 🙂 Greats from Italia.b.

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