FYF Blossom Floral Blush


FYF Blossom in 'Romance' £23*

FYF Blossom in ‘Romance’ £23*

I was sent this product in December and was intrigued to discover a brand that I hadn’t heard before. So, I put on my detective coat and did a bit of research. Flawless You Forever (FYF) was founded in 2009 and is an international cosmetic brand made in the USA and Canada, but distributed worldwide via their online shop. Despite the cringey brand name, I was impressed with the unique floral design of the blusher and the handy compact mirror. The range of FYF floral blushers is called Blossom and the colour I received is Romance which combines subtle tones of light and dusky pinks. The blusher applies evenly to the skin and the shimmer particles create a delicate, pink glow. It’s also a lightweight product meaning it looks more natural and doesn’t leave you with a cakey finish. It can be used alone or applied after bronzer to highlight the apples of your cheeks. I love discovering new brands of make-up so I’m looking forward to trying out more FYF products! What are your thoughts?

Post to you soon xoxo


3 thoughts on “FYF Blossom Floral Blush

  1. Pretty pattern! Though I agree, it is a bit of a cringey brand name! But hey, if the product works…which it should do because that’s a pretty hefty price tag.

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