4 Shades of Pink – Lipstick reviews


L-R: M.A.C 'Girl about town' £14, M.A.C 'Impassioned' £14, 17 'Pink Power' £4.29, Barry M 'Shocking Pink' £4.49

L-R: M.A.C ‘Girl about town’ £14, M.A.C ‘Impassioned’ £14, 17 ‘Pink Power’ £4.29, Barry M ‘Shocking Pink’ £4.49

1. M.A.C ‘Girl about town’: This is the perfect shade of pink, sitting bang slap in the middle of the light-dark spectrum. It gives a high shine finish but isn’t overly glossy. The texture is smooth and what I can only describe as ‘creamy’, so lips are left feeling moisturised and healthy. It doesn’t dry out like I find with a lot of lipsticks – there’s nothing worse than stale-looking lipstick that cracks on the lips! Due to it being highly concentrated, there’s little need to reapply often. I find that it lasts a good few hours before I need a fresh coat.

2. M.A.C ‘Impassioned’: This is a bright coral-based pink lipstick. It provides the same creamy texture as Girl about town, but with less of a shiny finish – although it is not matte. Lips still feel moisturised and again it is highly concentrated, so it lasts a few hours! Because the lipstick is coral-based, the bright colour appears less harsh. I really love this lipstick and find it adds a nice pop to an ordinary make-up look.

3. 17 Lasting Fix Finish in ‘Pink Power’: I’m not overly familiar with 17 products. For some reason it reminds me of a brand that I would have probably used when I was back in my teen years. But I have to say this lipstick is really lovely. It feels soft when applied to the lips and leaves more of a matte finish. I’d say the only downside is that it can dry your lips if not reapplied often, so I would recommend using it with a lip balm or gloss. However, being a high-street brand, the price tag is extremely reasonable – well worth it if you’re on the hunt for a high-end dupe!

4. Barry M Lip Paint in ‘Shocking Pink'(no.52): As the name clearly states, this lipstick is super bright. I’d say that it’s perfect for the current neon trend! It provides the lips with a strong matte finish, although I much prefer high shine lipsticks. I find that mixing it with a balm leaves my lips feeling slightly moisturised and with a more dewy look. This lipstick does dry the lips out easily and being so matte, is stiff to reapply – so remember to top up with lip balm frequently! Again, it’s reasonably priced – definitely one of those easy pick-me-up products!

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