Nails inc. ‘Concrete’ polish


nails inc. 'concrete' polish - London Wall. £12

nails inc. ‘concrete’ polish – London Wall. £12*

Being a nail polish fiend, I was delighted to receive a nails inc. polish from their new ‘concrete’ range. Since I have decided to wish farewell to my beloved acrylics and actually let my natural nails grow, I’d say they are at an acceptable length to paint. I think I’ve overdone the whole glitter trend now and so it’s definitely the perfect time for something new. I haven’t really read any blog reviews about the ‘concrete’ polish so I knew that it was either going to be a hit or miss. The concept is pretty self-explanatory – nail polish with a concrete-like texture. At first I was a little bit apprehensive. I have a tendency to freak out over the feel of certain textures (don’t get me started on the velvet-effect nails), so I was pleasantly surprised with the results. If you’re not a huge fan of the slightly rough feel, I found that adding two layers of a clear top coat left a smoother finish. I think that there are only 4 polishes in the ‘concrete’ collection – Red (Marble Arch), Blue (Stonehenge), Lime (Monument), and the shade I used is called ‘London Wall’. Is it sad that I love how they’re named? I can’t wait to try out the other colours. I’d say the only downside is the removal process..not quite as tough as removing glitter but still time consuming! Let me know what you think in the comment box below. Will you be trying the nails inc. ‘concrete’ range?

Post to you soon! xoxo


9 thoughts on “Nails inc. ‘Concrete’ polish

  1. Nice shots! I think they look good. Neutral and understated but with a rocky edge – literally! Blue looks electric. I’d say it’s a must!

  2. Thanks for checking out my review of the Stonehenge colour, I am also a big fan of these nail varnishes and London Wall and Monument are definitely next on my lust list, I’ve been looking for a decent nude nail colour for a while and this one looks like really great, will let you know how I get on once I’ve tried it out too!
    Vicky x

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