M.A.C Pigment review


M.A.C Pigment in 'Tan' £16.50*

M.A.C Pigment in ‘Tan’ £16.50*

I received this pigment in a M.A.C goodie bag from LFW. The shade is called Tan and it’s a pretty light rose colour with flecks of gold. I’m not a huge fan of loose powder particularly because I get frustrated when it falls off the brush and goes everywhere. But with M.A.C being my favourite beauty brand, I couldn’t resist testing it out. I decided to use it first as a highlighter on my brow bone. The powder is highly concentrated meaning you only have to use a teeny amount so I know it’s going to last me ages. The colour looks lovely and the flecks of gold really catch the light. The pigment can also be used as an eyeshadow or gently dabbed along the cheekbone to add a light shimmer. It’s really easy to blend and can be built up for a more intense effect. It retails on the rather pricey end at £16.50 but I’d say it’s definitely an investment seeing as it’s a multi-use product and you don’t have to use that much of it. I’ve already used mine a lot and it doesn’t seem to have gone down at all. Just remember to be careful when removing the lid or your hands and floor will be covered in pigment!

Disclaimer: I took an extreme close up of the pigment so it isn’t actually as big as it looks in the picture. The swatch is on my arm so I’m sorry if you don’t like seeing veins!

Post to you soon xoxo


5 thoughts on “M.A.C Pigment review

  1. I use melon and blonde gold and because it’s a pigment they don’t go bad in the same way a normal shadow would and I’ve been using the gold for about a year now, so the price is actually amazing for what you are getting. I love that tan colour!

  2. I always use Melon it Looks really similar to that, gives a gorgeous summer glow mixed in with some strobe cream. Especially if you put a coupe of lustre drops in your foundation. Will have to go and have a look at this one looks gorge xx

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