Trick or treat

Halloween nails: Spider, Pumpkin, Cobweb, Blood, Ghost

Cobweb eyes

Spider doll?!

Hey bloggers! Hope you all had a spooky halloween. This year I decided to be creative and experiment with a bit of nail art. I always see pictures of people’s nail designs on twitter and tumblr so thought I’d give it a go. I just googled some examples of halloween nail art for some inspiration, but mixed the colours and patterns around to still make it my own. Not too bad for my first attempt if I do say so myself! Although drawing the designs was pretty tricky since I don’t have a very steady hand. I’m definitely going to practice more with different styles so hopefully I’ll get even better. I shall keep you updated when I do! The halloween period is always an excuse to dress up as crazy as you like, so of course my housemates and I jumped at the opportunity. I’m not really sure how to describe what I dressed as. I guess I was a sort of spider doll thing even though that doesn’t exist, but then again neither do zombies so que sera! I drew cobwebs on my eyes using white eyeshadow, black eye liner and silver glitter eyeliner. Then I used black eye liner to draw an outline in the middle of my lips and filled it in with dark lipstick. I ended up doing a pub crawl and then went to a house party. I’m not a pub kind of girl but still it was fun with everybody there being dressed up!

Post to you soon xoxo

Ps. Apologies for the lack of attention I’ve been giving to my blog. But I go to Paris next week so when I get back I shall fill you all in about that!


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