London Fashion Week SS13

LFW Day One

Eudon Choi

Craig Lawrence

Tata Naka

Jena Theo

Aminaka Wilmont

Last week, I had the privilege of attending London Fashion Week because I am a fashion blogger for online magazine Stilorama ( This meant that I was given a UK press pass for the duration of the week (insane I know). This allowed me access to the press lounge, various exhibitions and priority tickets to certain catwalk shows (not forgetting all the freebies!). At first, I felt a bit apprehensive, I mean planning 5 super fashionable outfits to wear seems pretty daunting. Especially when you know that each and every person will be looking at what you’re wearing (it is fashion week after all). So I put together some outfits of what I thought looked fashionable without the look of trying too hard. And after being photographed by various individuals whilst walking around Somerset House I was reassured that my outfit choices were pleasing to the eyes of others! The first picture is what I wore on day one. The list of shows that I attended were; Zoe Jordan, Eudon Choi, Retrospective, Yifang Wan, Craig Lawrence, Ashish, Tata Naka, Jena Theo, Simone Rocha, Aminaka Wilmont and the finale show Fashion Fringe. My favourite SS13 collections were by Simone Rocha (daughter of designer John Rocha) and Jena Theo simply because there were a lot of designs that I could really see myself wearing. Each show had a different atmosphere, some more intense than others which just added to the whole excitement of it. At times everything just seemed so surreal like I couldn’t actually believe I was there (especially when I got to sit on front row!). I wish I could tell you more about it but it was just too incredible to put into so many words! Basically, I had the best week of my life and I hope I get to attend LFW next year.

Post to you soon! xoxo


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