New Look Studded Pumps

Yesterday I went shopping in Leeds city centre. As I mentioned in my previous post I will be attending LFW this week and so I have been trying ever so hard to save my pennies. However, I was determined to find a pair of studded pumps (without a ridiculous price tag) to team up with some of my LFW outfit choices. After entering Topshop, I decided spending nearly £30 on a pair of pumps would just be too painful to take from my LFW fund. I was adamant that I could find a similar pair for around half that price. Oh how right I was! I spotted these studded pumps in New Look. Although I do admit that I prefer the Topshop pair, I just couldn’t say no to New Look’s £10 off offer. Meaning that I picked up this pair for only £7.99! They were in the ‘wide fit’ section which I never normally look at since I have quite narrow feet. So I found that I was a shoe size smaller in these (a size 5 instead of 6). I’m not overly in love with pointed toe shoes but I think they’ll look cute with some of my outfits, particularly my American Apparel disco pants. They’re super comfy and have a suede sort of effect. The sole seems to be pretty sturdy too, unlike a lot of ballet pumps where it feels like you’re walking bare foot! So it was a successful shopping trip for me 🙂

Post to you soon! xoxo


One thought on “New Look Studded Pumps

  1. I looked on New Look website for these and could not find them 😦 very upset as they are really on trend and a complete bargain. Make a change from round toe ballet pumps. More dressy and totes LFW! xXx

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