M.A.C lipsticks

L-R: Media, Russian Red, Impassioned, Girl about town, Hue, Vegas Volt.

Today I had a make-up clear out. To an ordinary person, this would seem like a pointless task. I mean, surely the wise thing to do with your used up products would be to throw them out straight away, right? Wrong. As an avid buyer of cosmetics, I tend to forget to throw out empty bottles and so my giant stash seems to expand all the time. My most favourite cosmetic brand has got to be M.A.C. I would buy the entire counter if I could (could afford to that is). So during my clear out, I accumulated my empty M.A.C products and to my great pleasure, my hoarding ways actually came to good use. I found out that most M.A.C stores or concessions adopt a policy called ‘Back to Mac’. This means that if you bring 6 empty M.A.C products to the store, then you can exchange them for a lipstick of your choice – completely free of charge, no strings attached. Amazing, I know! And as I have an obsession with lipstick (my outfit choices are picked according to my lipstick colour) I didn’t hesitate in going to my nearest store. As I was one product short of 3 lipsticks, I chose two new colours – Girl about town (dark pink) and Hue (a more subtle nude). Here is my collection of M.A.C lipsticks. I love them because the colours are so pigmented and so there is little need for re-applying – making them last longer too!

Post to you soon! xoxo


One thought on “M.A.C lipsticks

  1. Ahh lipsticks always cheer up a gloomy day. What a good reminder about the MAC trade in! I’ve never done it. Can’t wait to try! (P.s show off with your lipstick collection!) xXx

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