Bad hair day.

Today I washed my hair. One of those things in life that you just have to do. To me, the hair washing process is a boring ritual. I don’t enjoy having to do it (the combing stage can be a rough experience) and I don’t particularly enjoy having to dry it (my hair takes forever to dry). Luckily, thanks to the quarter Nigerian in me, my curly hair never tends to get greasy or straggly. So I can get away with not washing it everyday. I have always had long hair, ever since I was old enough to remember. It has it’s advantages – being able to have it up or down, straight or curly. Not to mention it’s disadvantages – having to tame it when it begins to resemble a bird’s nest. I have also experimented with numerous hair dyes. From blonde highlights, to dark purple, cherry red and jet black. But I always find myself unsatisfied after a few months and I’m left wondering what to do with it next. Today, some slightly more daring hair styles came to mind. I think the recent dip-dye trend is kinda cool. And also the shaved-side look. But with regards to the latter, I think I’m too chicken to go ahead and do it. Even the sound of the razor in my head goes through me. I’d say I’ve become too comfortable with my long hair and don’t think I could cope with it even up to my ears, never mind having some of it completely shaved. So I think that the dip-dye is the safest option. The best things about it are that it looks different to the oh so standard highlights, and there would be no worry of it growing out and revealing those dreaded roots. Maybe, just maybe, I would actually enjoy washing my hair too!

Post to you soon xoxo


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